Footstock is a combination of card trading and Daily Fantasy Football.
Buy and Sell Premier League player cards and use them to enter Fantasy Football tournaments across the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA and Carabao Cups.

For new signups we currently provide 5 free player cards and a £5 cash balance to get you started with no deposit required.

When you buy a first player pack you'll get double the normal amount of cards.
Throughout December we're running a 15% net buys bonus offer for all users, get up to £500 on us!

There's a season long £10,000 freeroll tournament with the winner guaranteed £5,000, which can be entered throughout the Premier League season. Additional freeroll tourneys, plus paid tournies across a range of buy-ins suiting all budgets, are available on every day a Premier League club plays.
Cards and Collection
What’s a player card?
You can own cards of each Premier League player. Each card has a performance indicator called tournament points which are aggregated points per game - PPG.
There are 5 players classes ranging from Legendary to Basic, depending on the player’s points per game
And the details?
Clicking on a player would bring up the specific player’s card details, here you can find the player team, age, role, class and the current PPG average plus the market price.

Sell this card is the actual highest price you could sell the card for to another user

Buy this card represents the lowest open sell order from a user. This is the best available price someone else is willing to sell you this card.
How to calculate the points per game?
Classes are updated the first Monday of every month, players are ranked on a points per game (PPG) average basis over the last 19 competitive games. Points are accumulated by players during matches based on our scoring matrix.
You can view a card’s stats by clicking on the Performance section inside the card.
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Fantasy Football Tournaments
You can use the cards available in your collection to enter fantasy football tournaments and win cash prizes.
Each card can be used an unlimited amount of times in consecutive tournaments, they do not expire. If a player moves within leagues, clubs, position or classes, so does your card.

We currently offer tournaments for the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup.
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Freerolls and different buyins
Every game week we offer a large variety of tournaments, some are free to enter and you have a chance to win cash prizes.
Paid for tournaments cater for every wallet and entry fees range from £0.50 to £100.
Beginner, Amateur and Pro
Beginners tournaments have low entry fees, a small line up and less positional restrictions. They are designed for users on a budget and new starters. You can only use players with low star ratings, see star rating restrictions below.

Amateurs, these have medium entry fees, medium line up and positional restrictions. They are ideal for users with a better and larger collection and a higher bankroll.

Pro tournaments are designed for the more experienced users, high rollers with large collections and those with a bigger risk appetite. Fees and restrictions do fluctuate to allow various users to compete in the Pro tourneys.
The Footstock Shop
What can I buy in the Shop?
All cards in circulation are initially sold via player packs in the Shop. Packs contain between 5 and 100 random cards and are classified in 3 categories, reflected in the price and the rarity of the cards inside.
Pack Specifications
Bronze, Silver and Gold
The bronze packs contain mostly basic and common cards.

The silver packs contain cards up to the Epic category level.

Gold packs are the premium packs and contain some of the best players of the season, you could even find some legendary ones.
Buy one get one free!
On your very first pack purchase, we will double the amount of cards you receive!
Meaning, if you buy a 10 player silver pack, you will receive an additional 10 players of the same class in the pack
The Market
What's the Market ?
The Market section is where you can buy specific players to add to your collection.

The Market operates an order book system on a peer to peer concept, this means trades are between users and prices are determined by supply and demand. High demand and low supply for a player would result in his card price rising and vice versa.
How does it work?
When opening the Market section you are shown the lowest available price you can buy the players for. That figure represents the lowest open sell order from another user and that would be the price you have to pay to immediately purchase the card and add it to your collection.

To find players with ease you can use the search bar to search for teams or players or use the available filters located on the right hand side of the search bar.
By default players are ranked by class, highest to lowest.
My Orders
In addition to buying cards, you can always try to sell a card from your collection. Simply open your collection, the card in question, click "Sell" and set your price.

You can have as many buy and sell orders as you want. To manage them, open the My Orders section of the market. You can increase, decrease or delete all orders at ease.
Complete your signup and receive 5 cards + £5 to get your started!
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Guides on our games and rewards will follow shortly.