July 22, 2020

Tournament credit packs and other updates…


An update from the Footstock Team about our new tournament credit packs.

Tournament credit packs are here! 🎁

Many of our players have asked to gain tournament credit without buying existing player packs. From today we’re fulfilling that wish by introducing our new tournament credit packs. They are being introduced over the remainder of this season on a trial basis: we’ll keep them in place should they prove popular enough.

The details

This new pack will cost £19.99 to buy from our shop. It is designed to return at least 80%, but up to 200%, depending on how your luck is running.

A little extra….

As an extra treat some will also include a deposit bonus coupon. There’s a 5% chance your pack will include one, with up to £25 to be claimed through your next deposit!

Please note

Tournament Credit packs are now visible in the web version of the shop. IOS and Android apps will show them in the next update, which should be available within the next three days to download.

Existing packs 🛍️

We constantly monitor our existing pack offerings as previously communicated. Pricing and contents will change in line with market movements from time to time to ensure packs retain value, whilst ensuring the market is the place to go for those players you’re keen to grab.

Due to recent market movements, and to ensure new users aren’t immediately turned off, there has been a little update to existing packs. We’re upping the average tournament credit return, whilst leaving player card returns ‘as is’. You’re able to view the updated pack contents via the ‘view details’ links in our shop.

Well continue to monitor packs going forward. As always our commitment is to returning value both in our packs and in the market.

August swaps ♻️

All inactive players can be swapped as normal in August for an active player. However what we are going to do is give you a choice. You’ll either be able to swap as normal, or take tournament credit instead. This gives everyone the choice of either swapping an inactive for a shiny new player card, or swapping for a chunk of tournament credit to play with.

By offering a choice of swap options we provide the choice of either further building your collection, or building that all important tournament credit balance ready for the summer of virtuals and beyond. We’ll see how these options are used during August, before making a decision on how to treat swaps from Jan 2021 onwards. Rest assured there’ll always be an option for your inactive cards.

Further detail on how much tournament credit can be gained through swaps will be provided within the next two weeks.

And finally…… 👂

Have a listen to Episode 13 of the Official Footstock Podcast, where our Head of Product, Tom Mitcham, spills the beans on our £100k freeroll coming up in the 2020/21 season.

Also coming soon – the summer of virtuals, Footstock FC shirts and much much more….

Thank You,

The Footstock Team

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